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Social media mistakes lawyers make, Part 1

Face it: we are now living in a virtual world, powered by social media. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, et. al. are not only a primary way of finding new clients, they are primary means to communicate with current clients and get your name out into the world.
The issue is settled. Every lawyer should have multiple social media acc ... (full story)

Google v. Oracle could change all of the software development business

The most important court case in the history of potentially copyrightable software was argued at the U.S. Supreme Court in early October. Google v. Oracle will decide whether a fundamental enabling program of all computer programs called API’s are subject to copyright or not. Or, based on several justice’s statements dur ... (full story)

Court task force to study the ‘new normal’ in remote court operations

Spurred by the necessity of developing “on-the-fly” remote solutions for court processes during the COVID-19 pandemic, the Ohio Supreme Court has authorized and appointed a 25-member task force dedicated to discovering and sharing the best practices in online court procedures.
Supreme Court Justice R. Patrick DeWine ... (full story)

Congress looks to make PACER free for everyone

Recently, as covered by this column, the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit upheld a lower court ruling that that the federal judiciary misused PACER-generated funds in paying for certain costs associated with electronic access to court records. National Veterans Legal Services, et. al, v. United States, 2019-1081,1083.
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Making Dropbox HIPAA compliant

Many attorneys move large files through cloud services like Dropbox. But those services can’t really, in and of themselves, be HIPAA compliant. There is no official HIPAA compliant certification for any cloud service. That responsibility still rests on the shoulders of the documents’ creators and recipients.
So it h ... (full story)