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Regulator improperly granted approval for FirstEnergy-affiliate to operate

The Public Utilities Commission of Ohio (PUCO) improperly allowed First Energy Advisors to begin operations without first determining that the company was fit and capable of complying with Ohio law, the Ohio Supreme Court ruled recently.
In a unanimous decision, the Supreme Court ruled the PUCO failed to follow state law and com ... (full story)

Court again lets Texas continue banning most abortions

<span style=Court again lets Texas continue banning most abortions" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Texas can continue banning most abortions after a federal appeals court rejected the Biden administration's latest attempt to stop a novel law that has become the nation's biggest curb to abortion in nearly 50 years.
The decision could push the law closer to returning to the U.S. Supreme Court, which h ... (full story)

Latest Ohio Republican anti-vaccine bill could be dead

<span style=Latest Ohio Republican anti-vaccine bill could be dead" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

COLUMBUS (AP) — A House GOP bill limiting businesses' ability to require the coronavirus vaccine as a condition of employment hit another roadblock recently, with indications the measure may be unlikely to pass in its current form.
Under the legislation, employees who could show proof of COVID-19 antibodies, proof they run ... (full story)

Local school boards emerge as hot races in November election

<span style=Local school boards emerge as hot races in November election" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

COLUMBUS (AP) — In a school district near the Ohio state capital, school board members up for reelection this year have been subjected to a steady stream of lawsuits and attacks, both in-person and online. In another, an incumbent up for reelection who supports student mask requirements received a letter from someone angered b ... (full story)

Trump-backed candidates face scrutiny after minimal vetting

<span style=Trump-backed candidates face scrutiny after minimal vetting" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

WASHINGTON (AP) — One has been accused of assaulting another White House aide. Another allegedly threatened his ex-wife's life, exaggerated claims of financial success and alarmed business associates with his erratic behavior. A third has asked a judge to keep past protection-from-abuse orders sealed.
As former President D ... (full story)