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OSBA Insurance Staff Counsel Committee chair discusses goals

A seasoned northeast Ohio litigator has taken the reins as chair of the Ohio State Bar Association (OSBA) Insurance Staff Counsel Committee.
Patrick J. Quallich, managing trial attorney at Nationwide Trial Division in Cleveland, began his new role on July 1 after being appointed to a one-year term by OSBA President Summit Count ... (full story)

A doctor's open apology to those fighting overweight and obesity

THE CONVERSATION) Obesity has emerged as a significant risk factor for poor outcomes in patients infected with COVID-19. Based on how doctors and others in health care have previously treated patients with obesity or overweight conditions, my guess is that many will respond by declaring: "Well, it's their own fault for being ov ... (full story)

As concerns mount over integrity of US elections, so does int’l poll monitor support

(THE CONVERSATION) With the U.S. presidential election approaching, Americans face a daunting set of challenges as they prepare to vote.
Many voters fear the coronavirus will force them to risk their lives at the polls. Yes, voting by mailrepresents a safe alternative. But President Donald Trump opposes additional funding for t ... (full story)

How the government can drive medical innovation amidst the pandemic

(THE CONVERSATION) The current COVID-19 pandemic, the largest public health crisis in a century, threatens the health of people across the globe. The U.S. has had the most diagnosed cases – surpassing 6 million – and more than 180,000 deaths.
But six months into the pandemic, the U.S. still faces shortages of person ... (full story)

Portland and Kenosha violence was predictable – and preventable

(THE CONVERSATION) The U.S. reached a deadly moment in protests over racial injustice, as back-to-back shootings in Kenosha, Wisconsin, and Portland, Oregon, on Aug. 25 and 29 took the lives of three people and seriously injured another.
It was tragic – but not surprising.
The alleged shooters were at the protests fo ... (full story)