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Q&A: La Nina's back and it's not good for parts of dry West

For the second straight year, the world heads into a new La Nina weather event. This would tend to dry out parts of an already parched and fiery American West and boost an already busy Atlantic hurricane season.
Just five months after the end of a La Nina that started in September 2020, the U.S. National Oceanic and Atmospheric ... (full story)

Spousal IRAs and leveraged ETFs

Q: What's a spousal IRA? -- C.R., Alpharetta, Georgia
A: It's a traditional or Roth IRA, but one belonging to a partner in a marriage with little or no income in a given year.
In general, IRAs may only be funded with earned income -- not with, say, dividend or pension income, or an inheritance. So those who may be out of th ... (full story)

California bullet train's latest woe: Will it be high speed?

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SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) — A new and fundamental debate has emerged in the battle over California's high-speed rail project that could again significantly downgrade the troubled effort: Should the trains even be high speed when the system launches?
That's a conversation Democrats in the state Assembly want to have amid nego ... (full story)

Fortify your finances against natural disaster

Emergency preparedness experts recommend that you have a "go bag" and a "stay bin" for disasters: kits with supplies to help you survive a few days if you have to evacuate your home or shelter in place.
Preparing your finances for natural disasters is also smart. Having cash on hand, access to credit and the ... (full story)

Ghost towns: Nursing home staffing falls amid pandemic

<span style=Ghost towns: Nursing home staffing falls amid pandemic" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP) — When Natalie Walters arrived at her father's nursing home, the parking lot was nearly empty and, inside, the elevator made no stops. On the 13th floor, the lights were off and the TVs silent. The last time she was allowed inside, nine months earlier, aides passed in the hall and a nurse waved from the rec ... (full story)