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A loved one owes you money. Now what?

Your sibling asked you to cover their rent for a couple of months while they were between jobs. Or maybe you loaned a friend a few hundred bucks for a car repair they couldn't afford.
You'd do anything to help those you love. And you did. But what should you do when they don't pay you back? Consider these options.
GENTLY APP ... (full story)

Condition of some US dams kept secret in national database

Condition of some US dams kept secret in national database

Americans wondering whether a nearby dam could be dangerous can look up the condition and hazard ratings of tens of thousands of dams nationwide using an online database run by the federal government.
But they won't find the condition of Hoover Dam, which impounds one the nation's largest reservoirs on the border of Nevada and A ... (full story)

Disregard sunk costs

Q: What's a sunk cost? -- D.D., Waverly, Nebraska
A: It refers to a price paid that can't be recovered. Since it's gone and not coming back, it shouldn't factor into decision-making. Still, many people act on a "sunk cost fallacy" -- they figure that since so much has been spent already, more should be spent to make th ... (full story)

Nationwide encourages parents to discuss mental health with their kids

While most parents understand the importance of talking with their children about mental health, many are unsure of where to begin, officials at Nationwide Children’s Hospital noted at an announcement recently of a new campaign to help foster such conversations.
Hospital mental health officials cited a recent Harris Poll t ... (full story)

Overdose response kits installed in downtown government buildings

Multiple clear plastic boxes containing life-saving Narcan and CPR masks were installed in public areas of two state government buildings downtown last week.
The measure, undertaken by the Ohio Board of Pharmacy and RecoveryOhio, was completed, in part, to promote use of kits by businesses and organizations to aid in the state&r ... (full story)