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Low- or high-priced stock?

Q: As a new investor, I wonder: Is it better to buy stocks under $20 per share, like Fitbit, or higher-priced stocks such as Sherwin-Williams (recently near $680 per share), that have been around longer and have good track records? It seems you could buy a lot more shares in lower-priced stocks and make more money. -- John S., onlin ... (full story)

Think 2020's disasters are wild? Experts see worse in future

<span style=Think 2020's disasters are wild? Experts see worse in future" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

A record amount of California is burning, spurred by a nearly 20-year mega-drought. To the north, parts of Oregon that don't usually catch fire are in flames.
Meanwhile, the Atlantic's 16th and 17th named tropical storms are swirling, a record number for this time of year. Powerful Typhoon Haishen lashed Japan and the Korean ... (full story)

Are seniors in your family being scammed?

It seems that seniors will never get a break. Fraudsters continue to prey on them with all sorts of scams. If you have a senior in the family, there's no better time than now to talk about just a few of the tricks that most people -- of any age -- may not be aware of.
Take this example: You get a phone call from the IRS. You ... (full story)

Virus still throwing theme park attendance for a loop

<span style=Virus still throwing theme park attendance for a loop" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

TOLEDO, Ohio (AP) — Theme park operators who spent months installing hand sanitizing stations, figuring out how to disinfect roller coasters seats and checking the temperatures of guests at their gates so they'd come back in the midst of the pandemic are finding many reluctant to return.
Some parks have reduced operating d ... (full story)

The Summer of COVID-19 ends with health officials worried

<span style=The Summer of COVID-19 ends with health officials worried" class="img_border right margin_left"/>

The Lost Summer of 2020 drew to a close on Labor Day with many big gatherings canceled across the U.S. and health authorities pleading with people to keep their distance from others so as not to cause another coronavirus surge like the one that followed Memorial Day.
Downtown Atlanta was quiet as the 85,000 or so people who come ... (full story)